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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puzzling Pieces

We often wonder why some people come into our lives and leave with no real explanation. Its because that particular puzzle piece don't fit. Meaning God is the puzzler we are the pieces and we all will be connected with the right piece when the time comes.

As children, I know you have put together a puzzle or two and you've always found a piece that you thought connects to the other piece and you force them together because they are so close in connection. Even as close as they are your not quite sure yet, so you leave those pieces together and get started on other pieces of the puzzle.....Well the puzzle piece is our lives. Sometimes we try to connect all the pieces to our own puzzle and get connected to a piece that we are not destine to be with, yet we force ourselves into the piece (person, job, relationships, friendships) in hopes that it is the right puzzle piece. When we are connected to the wrong piece we are always in a constant  state of uncomfortableness, yet we continue to force it to work.

Once we realize that God controls our destiny and let him put together our life puzzle that is when we will realize that we have wasted so much time on our puzzle when God knows who to connect us with to complete our life puzzle.

Not that it is not a lesson learned because we  all learn from our past, all I am saying is if there is any discomfort in the connection with a job, relationship, or friendship let go of that piece and let God connect you with the right piece.

Puzzling Pieces.  
Joy Wilson

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