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We are a couple that chose to expand on our talents and dreams. The Love of my life is a Master Artist. She does incredible self portrait oil paintings. I have been in the photojournalism profession since 2002 as a news photojournalist. I have plenty of "time" invested into a professional video camera and editing equipment. Together we are bringing something new and different to the Charlotte and surrounding areas. We strive in living up to our company slogan, "capturing unforgettable moments through the A.R.T. of love". So you will not be curious A.R.T. stands for A.rtistic R.eplayable T.reasures Please do not hesitate to contact us whether it be an oil painting for you or your loved ones, a business commercial, an event you would like video taped, and or our specialty which is weddings. Contact us imagesofpower@gmail.com or joytheartist@artlover.com

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puzzling Pieces

We often wonder why some people come into our lives and leave with no real explanation. Its because that particular puzzle piece don't fit. Meaning God is the puzzler we are the pieces and we all will be connected with the right piece when the time comes.

As children, I know you have put together a puzzle or two and you've always found a piece that you thought connects to the other piece and you force them together because they are so close in connection. Even as close as they are your not quite sure yet, so you leave those pieces together and get started on other pieces of the puzzle.....Well the puzzle piece is our lives. Sometimes we try to connect all the pieces to our own puzzle and get connected to a piece that we are not destine to be with, yet we force ourselves into the piece (person, job, relationships, friendships) in hopes that it is the right puzzle piece. When we are connected to the wrong piece we are always in a constant  state of uncomfortableness, yet we continue to force it to work.

Once we realize that God controls our destiny and let him put together our life puzzle that is when we will realize that we have wasted so much time on our puzzle when God knows who to connect us with to complete our life puzzle.

Not that it is not a lesson learned because we  all learn from our past, all I am saying is if there is any discomfort in the connection with a job, relationship, or friendship let go of that piece and let God connect you with the right piece.

Puzzling Pieces.  
Joy Wilson

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello All,  my name is Joy and I have taken some time off from painting since graduating with my BA in Art and I am very happy to say that I have not lost my touch. My style is simply recreating YOU! I love to render portraits and would love it even more if I could recreate one especially for you. Hit me up at Joytheartist@artlover.com. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saying Your Healthy Is Just not Good Enough

I have had friends die because of health related issues. And one may think...hey that is enough for "Me" to be more health conscious. Hearing about the lost of a love one or a friend do to health issues is a sad and unbearable thought. I find myself going to the doctor every year for a physical. Flawlessly  pass every part of the examination  every year. Well all except for 08 and recently in 09. Twice I have come back with a flaw on my examination due to high Cholesterol. Doc says to me its your choice whether you want to live or die. To die just keep eating the same foods and change nothing about my exercise. To live meant to have the will to change my eating habits and to exercise regularly. I chose to Live obviously. I'm working out everyday and on my way to being in the best shape of my life. Changed my eating habits (not totally...but i have cut out alot of things) Some may ask why tell a story like this? I say why keep something in that could help someone out. You never know what or how you can touch someones life.  This is a personal blog day in the hopes of reaching out to someone somewhere that needs to change something in their life before its to late. Mine happened to be health related...but their are a number of other things that can and will lead you toward death. Life is already to short...so why not choose to live while you have the chance!

Laurin Thomas

The Business Of Marriage

**First of All I did not write this...I recieve this as a forward email ( which I tend not to read forwards), however this really touched a spot within me...hopefully it will do something for you** ENJOY

The “Business” of Marriage – Marriage Message #131
WARNING: What you are about to read is intended primarily for the guys (husbands) this week. That’s because what I (Steve) have to share comes from a man’s perspective and I’ll be using illustrations and language that most men can relate to. I may even throw in words like, “spit,” “scratch,” or “Giant Screen Plasma TV,” just to hold their attention.
So ladies, if you want to read on, do so at your own risk as I make no guarantees that you’ll appreciate what I have to share, though I trust that you’ll be the ultimate beneficiary if your husband truly relates to the message.
MEN: My wife Cindy, has been extremely busy this week helping our son prepare to make major changes to our web site and preparing for a class she’s going to be teaching women on marriage, so she asked if I would take full responsibility for putting together the Marriage Messages for this week and next. Normally, I would have thought up a valid “reason” why I couldn’t do it.
But because I’d already cleaned the lint out of my navel (that’s my favorite excuse for getting out of doing things) and had sorted my sock drawer (my second favorite excuse), I couldn’t think of any real reason for not being able to write it. Besides, I know that if I’m going to truly be a “Servant Leader,” I need to place the needs of my wife above my own desires.
Servant Leader is a term you’ve probably heard …maybe even been hit over the head with. To me, that term sounds very “spiritual” and I have no problems saying it, but it’s far more difficult to actually do it.
Of course, we know we have the biblical model for being a Servant Leader, but it can still be pretty hard to be able to put a description of what this “looks like” in a way we (men) can really understand. That’s why I was really encouraged this week to read in the book, Upside Down Marriage, by Jeff Hendley, a wonderful word picture that I believe there may be an “a-ha!” moment in it for you. Following is Hendley’s illustration:
Let’s compare marriage to business. In a given business we are out to develop a product or service that we hope to sell to others at a profit. Our employees are important. Our product control is important. Our customers are important.
What would happen if we were to think of our wives in business terms? What would happen to our planning if we considered our wives our number one customers? The old adage comes to play here, “Take care of your customers, or someone else will.”
This is not a far-fetched analogy. In order for a business to survive and thrive, we have to keep our customers happy. Our wives are our number one customers. So, what would a typical business (and husband) do?
1. Customers would be our number one priority. We would know what our customers like and dislike. We would know our customers’ needs and wants.
2. We would create plenty of time to spend with our customers. We would take care of our customers. There would be a well-worn path between our door and theirs.
3. We would entertain our customers frequently and spend money and energy on them.
4. We would always be at our best with our customers.
5. We would try to understand what our customers want in our products or services and make changes to improve.
6. We would set up a customer service department that focuses on the customer and we would be available to meet their needs.
7. We would communicate frequently with our customers and listen to what they’re saying and try to stay one step ahead of their needs.
8. We would create a partnership with our customers and establish a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust, loyalty, fairness and honesty.
9. We would take care of our business so we could take better care of our customers.
10. We would take nothing for granted nor assume all is well. We would seek our customers’ opinions and spend time exploring ways to improve our services and products based on our customers’ input.
Well, have there been any “A-ha!” moments yet?
Hendley concluded his thoughts by saying: “If our wives are our number one customers and if our marriages depended on the service we are providing our customers, what would we be doing differently?”
“I happen to have the mindset that we as Christians are to take God’s word seriously and apply it daily. This means that what is true in the Kingdom is to be true in our lives today. Kingdom principles are the principles by which we are to live. The Kingdom principle for me as a husband is to love my wife as Christ loved the church. Sacrifice and service are to be a part of my daily life.
I hope this analogy that Jeff Hendley provided was something you could relate to. I know there were several points that reminded me of I Peter 3:7. I like the way the Living Bible renders the verse: “You husbands must be careful of your wives, being thoughtful of their needs and honoring them as the weaker sex. Remember that you and your wife are partners in receiving God’s blessings, and if you don’t treat her as you should, your prayers will not get ready answers.”
This coming week why don’t we (men) commit to praying together that God will reveal to us any truth in this message that we need to apply so that we will become the Servant Leaders God wants us to be.
Because of Christ,
Steve and Cindy Wright

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Inspiration

No matter who you are or where you are at in your life ...never Give UP! It could be worst. We all have days when things just don't seem to go right. However, there is never a rainbow without rain. So to all my future followers and future clients. My first blog is short but hopefully long in spirit to you. Keep God first and remember no day is a bad day... its just that some days are more complicated than others.